Soul Center for the Arts is an art gallery dedicated to exhibiting Indigenous contemporary works and life. This center will also facilitate workshops to encourage international art programming for aspiring and emerging Indigenous artists native to the Western hemisphere. For centuries, Indigenous people of the Western Hemisphere have been misrepresented in artistic settings. Despite this misrepresentation, the desire to understand unique Indigenous forms of art still remain and have continued to grow through the test of time.

The mission of Soul Center for the Arts is: to house exhibitions, information, and documentation of Indigenous forward contemporary art so that the modern anthropology of the Native American can be properly elucidated and illustrated. Soul Center for the Arts will provide international art experiences for impecunious Indigenous communities through workshops and exhibitions.

Exhibitions will showcase living Indigenous contemporary artists of all ages, only including objects created before 1990. The workshop offered through Soul Center for the Arts will help Native artists share and learn cultural and contemporary practices beyond their Tribal homelands. The objective of a workshop is to unite Native American arts and culture with modern societies, thus promoting inter-cultural dialogue on a global scale.

Soul Center for the Arts will occupy space within the Museum of World Cultures Castello D’Albertis in Genoa, Italy between May 2019 – January 2021 to hold exhibitions and workshops dedicated to Indigenous contemporary art and Indigenous artists.