Art Fair

Arte Genova 2020

February 14 – 17, 2020, booth 98
Genoa Exhibition Center – BLUE Pavilion

Delaney Keshena, Image 2 from Humphrey Street, 2018, grass and gelatin.


For immediate release.

Soul Center for the Arts (SCA) is pleased to participate in Arte Genova 2020 with contemporary artworks by Antoinette Thompson, Delaney Keshena, and Jaque Fragua, among others. As a collective, these works were included in Soul Center for the Arts’ first exhibition in Italy, entitled Landscapes from Within, following a series of performances and collaborative events in Genova. Landscapes from Within is an abstract observation of how terrain and tradition engulf the identity of its people while viewed through the lens of Indigeneity, sovereignty, and contemporary life on Turtle Island, a territory now better known as North America.

Soul Center for the Arts is an art gallery dedicated to exhibiting Indigenous contemporary works and life from emerging artists native to the Western hemisphere. For centuries, Indigenous people have been misrepresented in artistic settings. Despite this misrepresentation, the desire to understand unique Indigenous forms of art still remains and has continued to grow through the test of time.

Strategically positioned in the birthplace of Christopher Columbus, Soul Center for the Arts provides Native American artists with a platform for free expression and the opportunity for a much needed intercultural dialogue to help heal from the intergenerational trauma assumed by colonialism, thus giving birth to new conceptual legacies rooted in truth and understanding. 




Selected Works

Jaque Fragua, Untitled (Sacred Night), 2017, spray paint on billboard.

Antoinette Thompson, Guidance, 2018, acrylic, feathers, and sand on wood.

Jaque Fragua, Untitled (Sacred Day), 2017, spray paint on billboard.

Jaque Fragua, Untitled, 2015, spray paint on brick.

Antoinette Thompson, Untitled (Landscape No. 4), 2018, acrylic and spray paint on canvas.

Jaque Fragua, Untitled, 2013, spray paint on train. 

Antoinette Thompson, Untitled (Landscape No. 2), 2018, acrylic and spray paint on canvas.

Delaney Keshena, Image Two from Humphrey Street, 2018, photograph on dibond, (gelatin and tape). 

Jaque Fragua, Untitled, 2015, spray paint on train. 


All installation photography was provided by:

Luca Albani